Natura Bisse Diamond Cream – The Perfect Complement to Makeup?

Natura Bisse Diamond Cream is a recently-debuted, dual-purpose anti-aging cream that has been making splashes in the beauty world. Natura Bisse is a cosmetics company with over 30 years of experience crafting a variety of skin care products. For those who are curious about Natura Bisse’s new product and how it works, compiled below is a discussion of the benefits, ingredients and pros/cons. According to the manufacturer, this cream provides a solid base for the application of false eyelash custom during the day and can be used as a restorative facial mask at night. Without further ado, let us get to the bottom of this and discover how well the Diamond Cream really works.

false eyelash custom
false eyelash custom

A combination of ingredients allows Natura Bisse Diamond Cream to suspend itself above the skin for false eyelash custom use while simultaneously moisturizing the skin. Most notable in this duet is beeswax, which acts as both a moisturizer and an emulsifier, allowing both oil and water-based makeups to cling to the surface of the skin without worry of flaking or clumping. Other ingredients, such as allantoin, protect the skin from allergic or inflammatory reactions sometimes caused by certain types of makeup, allowing individuals with sensitive skin to wear makeup that may otherwise irritate their skin.

The Diamond Cream can also be used as an excellent skin repair therapy at night. By applying the cream to a freshly-cleansed face, antioxidants and moisturizers work their way into the skin and help increase cell turnover rate, promote collagen production and of course supply essential hydration to the deeper layers of skin. Grape seed extract and ascorbic acid help remove dead cells and encourage new growth while hydrolyzed collagen injects a fresh boost of much needed collagen into the system while simultaneously encouraging new growth.

When it comes to the Natura Bisse cream, there are a couple of issues that must be mentioned. First, the price of the cream may be unnerving to some: at $285 per 1.7 ounce container, it may be difficult to convince oneself that the product is a wise purchase. Furthermore, there are a series of parabens in this product that have been shown to cause allergic reactions and other complications in some individuals. Depending on your financial situation and your skin type, these concerns may not be an issue to you.

How does Natura Bisse Diamond Cream offer multiple benefits all in one product? The potential of this lotion is enhanced by the range of ingredients, such as:

* Hydrolyzed collagen – Scientifically proven to increase collagen production within a six week period

* Grape seed extract – Powerful antioxidant that aids in skin’s ability to heal and repair itself

* Beeswax – Moisturizer and emulsifier that aids in creating a layer that keeps moisture in and other materials out; also allows for easy makeup application on top of cream without blocking pores

I would recommend this product to anyone who has been looking for a cream that works in conjunction with a false eyelash custom routine while also providing benefits to the skin. Natura Bisse Diamond Cream is a rich, high-quality solution and should be viewed as both a short-term and long-term investment in one’s skin.

Still unsure about this product?

I know finding the perfect beauty product for your skin is a difficult task.

false eyelash custom
false eyelash custom

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