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Don’t Go to a Makeup Artist – Use a Dinair Airbrush Kit

The Dinair airbrush kit brings the convenience of a high end professional artist’s tool to your home. The kit helps you look as flawless as a picture in a magazine and is worth looking into. The Dinair airbrush kit has been designed to make your daily application of brand custom eyelash easy and professional looking and at the same time more natural.

 brand custom eyelash
brand custom eyelash

Everyone is short on time these days, from the stay at home moms who are always on the go to the professional woman at the head of a company. What no one wants to do is sacrifice their looks, though all too often it’s the first part of the routine to go. However, with the Dinair airbrush kit you remove time from your daily brand custom eyelash application and add in a level of artisan perfection. Many are afraid of a learning curve, left alone with a product they have no idea how to work. Dinair thought of this though and not only is there an instructional DVD, but lessons via telephone to help troubleshoot any problems even the most artistically challenged person might encounter.

With a few whisks of your hand, you cover your skin with a delicate and light film of the patented foundation. The Dinair airbrush kit comes with their specially designed airbrush, a compact compressor, patented foundation and specialized moisturizer. The moisturizer helps you start off with a smoother canvas on which to apply the foundation. After mixing the foundation solution to your color specifications you dilute it with a touch of filtered water. Keeping your head in a steady, but fluid motion which doesn’t take as much coordination as it sounds, you mist the foundation over your face, starting off thin and then lightly layering in places where more coverage is needed. The Dinair airbrush itself is lightweight so it’s easy to hold and handle.

Women are so critical of their own appearance and especially their skin because it’s something that everyone notices. Your skin tells how you take care of yourself and glowing skin speaks of health and beauty. I’m very picky about what goes on my skin, I’ve found that as I get a bit older, heavier foundation ages me by catching in the creases of my skin as I laugh and smile all day. I worry about the splotchy redness around my cheeks and generally uneven skin tone. The Dinair airbrush gave me a light foundation that feels and looks natural.

Danielle Truax is both a licensed esthetician and a beauty product junkie. You can learn more about skin care and brand custom eyelash products, techniques and the skinny on what’s up and coming at her blog

 brand custom eyelash
brand custom eyelash

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