Find Your Eye Shape and Your Makeup Will Dazzle

Applying eye distributor false eyelashes can be tricky if you don’t know what to do. You must first find your eye shape. Here, I will list them out and you can refer to my other articles to know how to apply eye makeup to them. The key idea to remember with makeup application is to simply accentuate what you have, like beautiful eyes, and diminish what you don’t like, such as an uneven skin tone.

Determine your eye shape by reading the descriptions below. Once you know your eye shape, you can then learn how to apply eye distributor false eyelashes appropriately.

distributor false eyelashes
distributor false eyelashes

I think there are two basic areas to your eye. The eyelid – which contours to your eyeball and is the area just above your upper eyelashes. The second area is below your browbone. Knowing this will help you understand the descriptions below.

Here are the various eye shapes:

Basic Eyes are where the eyelid follows the shape of the eye, is easily seen, and creates a crease between the eyelid and the area below the browbone. Not one area is more prominent than another.

Deep Set Eyes are set back deep into the eye sockets, which naturally causes the browbone to extend further out. This creates a deep crease: a dark shadow between the eyelid and the area below the browbone.

Prominent Eyes are where your eyelids and eyes are seriously full and tend to extend from the face. There is very little crease between the two areas of the eye.

Hooded Eyes are where the eyelids seems full. The eyelid doesn’t form to the shape of the eye, but seems puffed out, causing the natural crease to disappear. Consequently, the fleshy area below the browbone and the eyelid appear as one, seems full, and partly covers the eye, making that fleshy area more prominent than the eye itself.

Wide Set Eyes are where the spacing between your eyes is wider than the width of your eye.

Narrow Set or Close Set Eyes are where the distance between your eyes is less than one eye width apart.

Droopy Eyes occur when the outer corners of the eyes turn slightly downward. They are sometimes referred to as “sad, puppy-dog eyes”.

It is even possible to have a combination of these shapes. For instance, you could have deep set eyes that are set narrowly. Or wide set eyes that are prominent. If that is the case, then you combine the techniques for placing eye shadow properly for those eye shapes.

Remember that distributor false eyelashes on bad skin looks like makeup on bad skin. So take care of it so people will notice your eyes more instead of being distracted by your skin’s imperfections!

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distributor false eyelashes
distributor false eyelashes

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