New Look! No-Surgery Apply Makeup Tips

Want a new look? Everybody wants a new look…but who wants the PAIN and EXPENSE of plastic surgery? ( eyelash packaging) You can get the same results painlessly and instantly with a few of these Hollywood 3d mink lashes with custom artist secrets!

3d mink lashes with custom
3d mink lashes with custom

Get A Smaller Nose: Apply taupe shadow on the sides of nose and under the bridge, then blend well to “shrink” a wide nose.

Get A Firmer Jawline And Neck:Brush taupe eye shadow along jawline and blend well to make fleshiness recede.

Erase Crow’s-Feet: Dip a brush in some shimmering beige shadow and “paint” over crow’s-feet. It “blurs” lines making them virtually disappear.

Get Bigger Breast: Dab highlighter on breasts, then sweep bronzer into the “v” and blend well. Shimmer brings the eye upward, creating a perky look, while the bronzer adds depth and a cup size.

Get Fuller Lips: Before applying lip gloss, coat lips with a waxy balm like Carmex. It gives them a layer of “padding” that makes them look fuller.

I hope you find these “secret” tips fun and useful. I have come across these and other great tips and secrets from 3d mink lashes with custom artists, models, celebrities, movie stars, and different beauty editors. Some were even given to me by different “back stage” hair stylists, but that doesn’t matter. What really matters is that you, too, can use these tips here and others that I have available to make yourself look like a STAR! Be on the look out for more tips, tricks, cover-ups, and secrets! You can find more great tips and secrets right now if you check out my new blog! Thank You for reading.

Enjoy the “NEW” You! And again, Thank You.

Sabrina Almond A.K.A. LadyDro

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3d mink lashes with custom
3d mink lashes with custom

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