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Makeup Cases – Metal Versus Soft

Have you ever spent what seems like ages in a frustrated frenzy digging through the chaos that is your current mink eyelashes wholesale storage unit? If this rings true to you, then you might want to start looking around for a new way to organize your cosmetics. We recommend you start your search with cosmetic cases.

mink eyelashes wholesale
mink eyelashes wholesale

You probably remember those days back when you were about 15 and your makeup collection was just starting to bud. You probably stored it all in a be-zippered cloth or plastic bag. That was okay then, but you should know better by now! Modern mink eyelashes wholesale cases are chock full of goodies to make your morning routine as smooth as possible. We’re going to talk about two very popular types of cosmetic cases: hard and soft.

When you browse around online, you might notice that the search “cosmetic cases” brings up quite a lot of aluminum cases. Why? That’s easy! Aluminum provides a very strong barrier between the elements and your costly makeup collection, and most come with the optional lock, as well. The sturdy frame also allows for more goodies to be stashed inside, such as collapsible trays that stretch out to show off several tiers of storage space for your things, as well as removable dividers for the body of the case. You might be a little put-off about the idea of a silver case, or you may not. Some people see silver as sleek and professional; others see it as cold. No fear–whatever side of the fence you stand on, there are color options available on most online stores, including: black, red, green, pink, brown, and purple. Silver and black do tend to be the best sellers, but clearly you aren’t restricted to those two colors.

Soft cases still have merit! Soft cases are a bit more flexible in appearance and shape, some even looking like gym bags, which can be handy if you are trying to avoid the appearance of “flashiness.” Like the aluminum cases, some soft makeup cases have trays that expand and collapse, but most simply have dividers built into the body of the bag. If you’re a fan of pockets, you’ll LOVE soft makeup cases; and some also have compartments (usually towards the base) that unzip to reveal slide-out trays, great for holding things like eye shadow, nail polish, and brushes.

Whichever mink eyelashes wholesale case you decide to go with, take your time and do some research so that you’re more likely to be pleased with your purchase. They aren’t the cheapest organizer for your makeup, but they’re definitely worth the price when you consider the durability, convenience, and accessibility they can offer.

mink eyelashes wholesale
mink eyelashes wholesale

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