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How to Draw Bovines

Label eyelashe are a huge part of our society, and they show up everywhere in our media. Greeting cards, television shows, advertising, you name it. The trick is in the details. Cows, calves and bulls all have little differences that make them unique. Follow this easy advice to get your label eyelashe cow off the ground, and looking great in whatever media you choose to display it in.


1. The Gentle Milk xmhair– These is dairy cows and you should be able to tell what breed roughly. This is generally how the female version of the bovine is portrayed, though you can do female beef if you need to. She is a generous looking creature and must have large soft eyes, a small label eyelashe , round ears, and a clean looking long tail. She can be depicted either fat or thin, but her body must be a square either way. Her hips will be displayed, and her top line can either be flat or swayed, old or young.

She should have a nice top not of hair, and care should be given to make it look feminine. This is also where artistic license is taken in cartoons; you can give her curlers in her hair or a bell for her neck. Her feet should not be either too big or too small, but should look like they fit the body well. The udder can be huge or small, it is a display of age, and the old milk cow should have a larger udder. She will not have huge neck muscles, but will have a gentle deer like neck. Keep the legs on the shorter side, and leave off the horns. Any pattern or color is appealing.

2. The Playful Calf– Often the companion to the Gentle Milk cow, this one you have to decide is male or female before you start. In either case the eyes need be large, the ears round, and the muzzle small. The body follows the square, and the animal should be somewhat label eyelashe looking, as little ones are early in life. Keep the tail on the shorter side, and keep the hooves small and round.

No hip bones showing, the image should be soft and fleshy and youthful looking. A label eyelashe tuft on the head and tail will round out the image nicely. Heifers (female calves) should have a modest udder and be a little more curvy, with long eyelashes and smoother hair on the head and tails, males should have little to no curve in the bodies and should look a little on the scruffier side, neither sex should display horns unless you need a male calf to look a little more macho, and they should be very small in this case. Color and pattern is going to depend on sex, soft browns and spots look very dairy, and therefore very female. Solid bold colors like red and black label eyelashe very beef and therefore very male.

3. The Big Bully Bull– Generally these are beef cattle and the large amount of muscling looks good on them. Dairy bulls are rarer, and are a little tougher to make look macho. Remember that it is the enormous amount of muscling that makes the bull, not the horns like many people think. Horns can be sharp and small crescent ones, or long Texas longhorn style ones, but that will make it look very old west so remember that if you are going for long horns. This animal really is a square label eyelashe, and no bones should be visible.


The tail should be no longer than the animal’s hocks, with a sleek tuft, and it should have beady small eyes, close set together but not crossed. Many people add a ring, and the ears go behind whatever horns you choose, and should be small. Notches can be taken out of them to make the label eyelashe tougher, and more licenses can be taken with the muzzle, be it big or small it should be very square. Keep the legs short and the hooves small, this exaggerates the huge body. Solid bulls are usually the pattern preference and black is the usually color; though red is a good choice also.


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